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Short description Technical characteristics
Printing heads Number of print heads Color Maximum media width Maximum printing width Media Types Dimesions Weight(Met)
A.Toshiba TEC greyscale printheads    Konica Minolta printhead 10/15 heads 5(CMYK+W)colors 253cm 250cm Rigid media include corrugated, foam core, gatorboards,sintra(PVC),ceramic tiles, glass, plexiglass, wood, sheet metal, Roll to roll include paper, vinlys, adhesive back vinyls, fabrics, etc. 4.49ml*0.99mW*1.56mH 1050kg
B.Option of 5 or 10 Printheads/5 colors(CMYK+W) 
C.Outstanding printing speed up to 32sqm/hr*
D.Printing width of 1.83 meters
E.Rollto roll and rigid materials capability
F.Up to 4.80cm thickness fo materials g.Highest

General information:
Printing methods: Drop-on-demand piezo electric
Ink reservoirs: Refillable on the fly while printing/4000ml per color
Ink characteristics: UV curable inks
Printhead controls: Printhead temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Media feeding and take-up system: Adustable tensility electromotor for optimal banner tension
Media handling options: Roll to roll/Rigid Sheets
Drying system: UV lamp
RIP software: Photoprint 5 flora(Windows2000, Windows XP Pro Sp2)
Color management: ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
Files formats: TIFF, JPEG, Postscript3, EPS, PDF, etc.
Electrial requirements: 50HZ/60HZ, 200v-240v, Maximum 30Amp
Environmental requirements: Ambient temperature 18-30, Relative humidity 40-70%
Warranty: 1 year(please consult your local dealer for details)

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