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                                           Konica Minolta KM512 MN 14 pcl print head          Konica Minolta KM512 print head

Product Details:

Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name Konica Minolta
Model Number KM512 MN 14pcl
Type Print Head
Use Many wide format printer
Printing Type Inkjet Printer
Original printhead suitble for oil and solvent ink

Detailed Product Description

The compact, high resolution printheads feature 512 Nozzles spaced at 360 Nozzles per inch.

Konica Minolta Print head

Konica is the new brand Japan head newly promoted,the company just to set foot in the production of piezoelectric head,the hardware facilities are also did successfully,Konica Minolta 512 and 256 heads used in Mai Jiete,West,Aowei,Tai Wei,Lan Ya color,HP8000S,HP9000S

KM 512 M 14PL (used internally) drop size 14PL,is the ignition frequency 12.8KHZ 
Konica nozzle characteristics:

Mexico is a double nozzle into the pipe,pressure flow evenly. Print quality assurance. Some brands of single-row.
Konica 512 is closed sprinkler heads,water-proof,Anti-aging. Some brands of semi-naked or nozzle is exposed.
Semi-naked to the main shortcomings of the following: 1,chips,circuit boards and so on out,easily lead to short-circuit,and head burned. 2,spraying the plastic bag is easy to aging.

Because it is closed,so no short-circuit such as the above. Nozzle live longer,not-for-nozzle,it will greatly cut maintenance costs.

High-accuracy,high speed printing,14pl is the accuracy of 1440dpi,42pl accuracy is 720dpl,print 1pass equivalent to the number of 2pass.



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