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                                                            Spectra SL 128AA print head

Product Details:

Place of Origin United States
Brand Name Spectra
Model Number Spectra SL 128AA
Type Print Head
Use Pirnt head for pirnter
Printing Type for solvent printers
80 picoliter calibrated drop size 128 individually addressable, inline nozzles
Lightweight and highly stackable Excellent jet straightness
Excellent channel to channel uniformity High frequency continuous operation
Permits high viscosity jetting fluids Orientation independent
Designed for long service life Dual ported for ease of flushing


Detailed Product Description

The Spectra SL-128 AA is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly

The Spectra SL-128 AA is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly designed for a broad range of
industrial and commercial printing applications such as wide format graphics, addressing and packaging at resolutions up to 450 dpi.

 The Spectra SL-128 AA is a highly compact and
light-weight jetting assembly designed specifically for ink
jet applications requiring multiple printheads packed
tightly together. These modules are ideal for fast moving,
high performance printer carriage designs. General
compatibility with a wide range of fluids makes the SL-128
AA jetting assembly extremely versatile.
Two electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each
with 64 addressable channels, are combined to provide a
total of 128 jets. The nozzles are arranged in a single line,
at a 0.020 inch distance between nozzles.
The fluid interface and electrical connection are at the top
of the jetting assembly and several mounting
configurations are possible. This arrangement permits for
extremely tight packing in the print process direction.
The dual ported fluid interface facilitates flushing for
quick change-overs and for displacing drying fluids with
inert fluids during periods of non-use.
This jetting assembly contains serial-to-parallel converters
for selecting which jets to fire; all jets can be fired
simultaneously or individually. By using an optional Head
Interface Board, image data can be daisy-chained into one
serial stream to reduce the data interface hardware
requirements. A high voltage fire pulse with controlled
slew rates is used to actuate the pumping chambers
within each channel.


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