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How to start ?
For China sourcing we use easy to start: Your Inquiry – Our feedback. You send us Inquiry which contains the detail information about your demand product, its specification, application, pictures or related links. We confirm the nessesary details and start working after the receiving of your advance payment 200USD. It is the cost of searching one supplier of product. If you singed the agent agreement with us, we do not charge this fee.
The service include:
-          Search 15-30 manufactures which produce the demand product.
-          Selection 6-12 manufactures by the best price and quality criteria or other required.
-          Supply complete contact details of the manufactures (web site, telephone number, fax etc).
-          Additional information about the suppliers – registered capital, form of legal presence, number of employees, production area size, production capacity, machinery, raw materials source, export experience, export license, international certificates, QC methods etc.
-          The price list on demand product.
-          Lead time.
-          Delivery terms.
-          Packing details.
-          The information about the Quality control and Design department at the factory.
After your confirmation of the product by the sample or specification, selection the supplier, we can do fatoy audit and represent you in the negotiations with the supplier.
Our Quality Inspections and Factory Audit services throughout China help businesses to:
  • reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements
  • get informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays,
  • ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery,
  • identify problems before products are shipped or distributed,
  • establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base throughout Asia and lower costs.
The price of factory audit or pre-shipment inspection or container loading check is 300usd per man/day + travel expenses.
 We are experienced to negotiate with Chinese partners and get the best conditions to you in the price, product characteristics, quality, payment terms, standards, delivery time, packing, delivery, after sales service, warranties and so on. We strive to find the highest quality manufacturing, at the lowest possible price and sign the most profitable contract for you. After that we control the contract execution, supervise the production process and delivery.
This service is supplied under the Agent’s agreement. We can hold your straight negotiations with the supplier if needed. Our agent commission fee is 3-8 % contract value.
If you are satisfied with our work for the first delivery, we can use our “Representative” service next time. We usually work with the deal amount above 40 000 USD. The “Representative” service fee is stipulated in our Agent agreement, its 2-10% of the deal value. We work as your representative in China, doing sourcing, quality control, negotiations, shipping consulting for you all other services you need for the present deal.
Or you can sign the Agent’s agreement with us in the beginning. Please note, that our service fee must be paid in the following way: 50% in advance (according to estimated purchase amount) and 50% balance with the payment for goods.
We provide unique service, which include the set of all trading instruments: sourcing, QC, shipping, documentation, consulting, companies registration, financial instruments for your business.
Our main work principles are:
Fast operation, reliable, quality

Hongkong AD Solution Ltd
Tel: +8613889370425 in China,Tel: +79132147999 in Russia,Tel: +380505285499 in Ukraine